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The final exhibition of the International Design Competition “glassdressing”
at the Museo Revoltella of Trieste

Michael Geldmacher (Germany, Trieste Contemporanea Design 2006 ex aequo Prize) Markéta Váradiová (Czech Republic, Trieste Contemporanea Design 2006 ex aequo Prize) Marija Hristovska (Macedonia, CEI Prize 2006) Martin Necas (Czech Republic, Beba Prize 2006) Barbara Paganin (Italy, Provincia di Venezia Prize) Massimo Premuda (Italy, Crtrieste Foundation Prize)

After the success with its international visitors at Ca' Rezzonico in Venice, the Museum Revoltella once again hosts the creations made for the International Design Competition Trieste Contemporanea and offers an influential recognition to an important event originating in Trieste, which each year has grown in international prestige.  Of the 214 projects sent in from 22 European countries to the Trieste Contemporanea office, besides those of the winners , the jewelry of a dense group of designers who the jury of the competition felt should receive recognition, will also be displayed: Marina Bologni, Alessandro Calogero, Milan Deliyski, Ines Paola Fontana, Ida Grimaldi, Manuela Maria Marazzani, Tomoko Sakai, Antonio Terranova, Osvaldo Tiberti, Annamaria Zanella, Roberta Bratovic/Nina Bacun/Tina Izevic group, Francesca De Grossi/Izumi Oki group, and Francesca Schäffer/Sayuri Eguchi/Giuseppe Ardu group.

Along with the selected designers, a select group of prestigious artists not in competition have also been invited to present their new creations which they realized in collaboration with the master glass makers of Murano:
Antonio and Mario Dei Rossi, masters par excellence of the murrine technique, the Venetian visual artist Gaetano Mainenti, the glass artists Andrea Morucchio and Maria Grazia Rosin, Marina and Susanna Sent and the glass designer Giorgio Vigna.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information.
Our contact address is:
Trieste Contemporanea Committee, via del Monte 2/1, 34121 Trieste, Italy,
e-mail, phone 0039 040 639187, fax 0039 040 367601.
exhibition: glassdressing – Seventh International Design Competition Trieste
Contemporanea 2006
catalogue: edited by Eva Fabbris; Juliet Edizioni Trieste
organizers:Trieste Contemporanea Committee in co-production with the Glass
School Abate Zanetti of Murano and in collaboration with the Revoltella
Museum and the Musei Civici Veneziani; with the patronage of  CEI-Central
European Initiative, of the Regione del Veneto, of the Regione Autonoma
Friuli Venezia Giulia, of the Provincia di Venezia, of the Provincia di
Trieste, of the Comune di Venezia and of the Comune di Trieste; with the
support of the Association Piazza S. Marco of Venice
supporting organizations: Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, CRTrieste
Foundation, CEI-Central European Initiative, Provincia di Venezia, BEBA
Foundation, Axa Assicurazioni, iGuzzini - Recanati, Videonew - Trieste
media partner: DROME magazine
place: Trieste, Revoltella Museum (via Diaz, 27)
period: October 21 > November 20 2006
opening hours:
Monday: 9.00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday – Sunday: 9.00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Closed on Tuesdays
current exhibition:
Trieste, Studio Tommaseo, October 7 > December 3 2006:
“Top U29” by Renate Bertlmann
coming soon:
Trieste, Studio Tommaseo, December 9 > February 4 2007:
“Musiz” by Ivan Moudov, winner of the 2006 Young European Artist Trieste
Contemporanea Award.

Press Office:
Luca Signorini
Phone +39 040 639187 – Mobile +39 348 2822565 – Fax +39 040 367601 -
Snug Harbor Productions, Ergo Entertainment & Maximum Entertainment Productions in association with New End Theatre present the European premiere of
By Oren Safdie
Directed by Leon Rubin

An architecture student. Her thesis. The jury. Capturing the full character of architectural discourse, PRIVATE JOKES, PUBLIC PLACES offers a disturbing yet humorous glimpse inside the contemporary world of architecture. Margaret, a young Korean-American student, presents her thesis for a public swimming pool to an all-male jury of famous architects. Safdie, a former architecture student at Columbia University and the son of prominent architect Moshe Safdie, uses this simple premise as a jumping-off point for a facile examination of academia, intellectual pretension and the failure of postmodernist culture. The play asks compelling questions about the state of the male/female power struggle, fears of disrupting the status quo and ultimately the importance of challenging tradition.

‘Inspired and astonishing ? The verbal dexterity alone is mesmerizing. A battle of wits.’
‘A biting satire with a humanist heart. A take?no?prisoners comedy.’
‘The funniest new play to hit New York in months. ’

Wednesday 8 November to Sunday 10 December 2006

Tuesday to Saturday at 7.30pm
Saturday & Sunday at 3.30pm

Running time 80 minutes

Tickets £18 - Concessions £15